Changing traditions

All my friends were surprized when I told them that I started a mailbox business. I have a degree in Art and a vivid imagination to be able to create those things. It is very fascinating. But why mailboxes …?

Traditionally the design of the mailboxes is very conservative. Black, navy, brown colors. They are often made of forged metal with moulding or casting elements. It is boring.

Germany plays the leading role and is a trendsetter among European manufactures of mailboxes. They offer beautiful, stylish and modern designs but even they are austere in their cold steel and grey tones of powder coating. In the world of raving colors, mailboxes preserve their austerity and conservativeness.

Sometimes I notice that people paint their mailboxes or shape them differently themselves.

I think our idea will have a great response. Lots of people will like it. But we are not against traditions. We are sure that there is a great number of people in this world looking for something new and following this trend. These people are young at heart and active. I am working for them passing the warmth of my hands through cold steel.

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