Luxury mailbox with Russian Hohloma.

Glistening, luxury, reliable, convenient and durable mailbox – it is a perfect novelty and a gem of your house.

A perfect gift for lady.

The body and the lid are made of 1mm galvanized steel with black matte powder outdoor coated.

Pattern lids are varnished and polished.

Custom - made numbers from metallized gold LG film.

100% ultraviolet and weatherproof. Patterns don’t fade out.

The design of the wall mounting mailbox ensures that your mail will stay dry.

27.5 cm x 4 cm opening is convenient for any size of mail and small packages.

Key lock + 2 keys.

Mailbox Russian Hohloma

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    • Width 34 cm / 13.4 inches
    • Height 40 cm / 15.8 inches
    • Depth 12 cm /  4.7 inches
    • Weight  4.2 kg / 9.3 lb