Steel Vertical Mailboxes

The covers of the MODERN mailboxes with print are varnished and then polished. Sometimes they are spray coated.

In any case, we choose temperature, ultraviolet and waterproof materials.

The colors will remain bright for many years just as the color of your car.

The body of the mailboxes is made of 1mm galvanized steel.

 All mailboxes can be used as standing or hanging on the wall mount or fence.

 The opening is measured at 27.5 cm x 4 cm and can accommodate C4 envelopes and small packages.

 The covers of the mailbox rotate on stainless steel shafts, do not require lubrication, and will last

50 years.

 The mailbox is designed in such a way that it will keep rain water and snow away. Your mail will be dry.

 Please note, the humidity can influence the paper and strong winds can blow snow even through

the smallest holes.

Large Black Mailbox
Weatherproof Mailbox

 The mail box has a standard lock with

2 keys provided.  The lock is water protection and will last for a long time.

 If mounted properly, it is hard to remove it even with appropriate tools without any damage.

Dimensions MODERN:

Height – 40 cm; Width – 34 cm; Depth – 12 cm.

Dimensions MINI:

Height – 17 cm; Width – 35 cm; Depth – 12 cm.

  On the sides of the MODERN mailboxes there is cut the viewing window in and covered with glass to protect from rain and snow. This makes it easy to see if the mail is in.

The MINI mailboxes does not have a lock or keys. Easy to check the contents by opening the lid.

window mailbox letterbox.jpg
modern mailbox.jpg

Covers made in powder coated stainless steel.

Engraved lettering (for numbers and texts) reveals the mailbox’s stainless steel.  
The engraving cannot be deleted or edited.

The inscription will remain forever on the mailbox.
The house numbers sparkle in the reflection and attract attention.