You Are Different From Others
It is Different From Others Too


Modern style mailbox with stainless steel flap
Small Modern Wall Mount Mailbox
Mailbox - Modern
Usually residential mailboxes are of dull colors and rather conservative design.
We offer you a totally different style – bright, deluxe and outstanding wall mounted mailboxes.
Our clients can purchase and create their own unique mailbox.  It can have the street name, house number, your company’s logo or any other pattern of your choice that you will provide us with.
Rich colors do not fade in the sun, Stainless Steels doesn’t rust, (gold colors) doesn’t tarnish with time.
IVA mailbox will adorn your home and … keep your mail dry.


Our old traditional mailbox was getting rusty and was ruining the appearance of the house.

We came up with the idea, and now we manufacture and sell mailboxes all over the world.

We would like to show you how ordinary things can look different, revealing the character of their owner.

Our clients are on the same page with us, we think alike.

White Mailboxes
IVA mailbox


Some people will stop and take a picture of it.

The mailman will smile while putting the mail in.

The neighbours will talk about it and the children in the street will be curious about it.

Why is it happening and where is the advantage?